The Worshiper is a 4-piece metal band based in Jefferson, NC. Created in 2015 by Wesley Moore (Guitar/Vocals), Nathaniel Steelman (Vocals) and Josh Reavis (Drums), the band released their first EP “Reveal Us” in September, 2016. In May of 2017 they embarked on their first major tour, hitting 8 states along the east coast from Florida to New York. In the summer of 2017, bassist Chris Mersch joined the group. By fall, they had captured the attention of the label, Raging Storm Records, and signed their first record deal in November, 2017.

Their faith is forefront in their music as they spread a message of hope and love in Jesus Christ. Combining influences of past heavy hitters like As I Lay Dying and For Today, with their own powerful breakdowns and sing-along choruses; The Worshiper creates relatable anthems for everyday life.

“In the short time we’ve been with them (Raging Storm Records) we’ve seen nothing but hard work and dedication towards making dreams a reality. Most importantly, we share the same love and passion for reaching people and the music scene with the gospel of Jesus.”


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