Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Baker (Forerunner)

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Hello friends, this week we are catching up with Matthew Baker of the band Forerunner. Based in Kernersville, NC, Forerunner was a part of the Raging Storm Records family in 2013. Recently they have been working in the studio on material old and new, and have just released a music video for their song Rebuilt with Fire. I caught up with Matt to talk about his music projects past and present.

Courtney Servo-Salvaxe: How did you first hear about RSR?

Matthew Baker: Raging Storm approached us in 2012 and we did some research thought it would be a solid move for us, we were all either in our late teens or early 20’s and were pumped to get that “first deal”. Unfortunately, barely a year later the label disbanded and we were back on our own until the band split up in 2014.

CS: What impact has Raging Storm had on your career?

MB: While Forerunner was with RSR, in the brief time we were with them, we were able to play some great shows, got good publicity and met Jason’s family. The stars just didn’t align for us at the time and it also seemed like the label was getting stressful for Jason and he wanted to take a hiatus. We used to reminisce a lot on what could have been, you know?

CS: Is this where what you had envisioned for your life at this point? If not where else would you rather see yourself and what are you doing to get there?

MB: I’m taking this as a band question, not individually, because we are all meeting career goals. I just got promoted in the hospital I work at, my brother and bassist, Noah is in school, Joey the guitarist and second vocalist is getting his doctorate in December, and our drummer Jeff just got his real estate license. But as a band we are all hungry to get some recognition and have people feel what we feel with the songs we write. Personally, I feel like I need to push myself out of my comfort zone, take more risks and simply go for things without overthinking them too much; I get in a stasis whenever I get in my own head.

CS: What was your favorite song from your set and why?

MB: Let me tell you the obligatory, “new stuff we wrote makes it so hard to choose”; but playing “Rebuilt with Fire”, the energy we all have is so awesome and it is such a fun song and I definitely think the band would agree. There’s probably cracks in the concrete where we practice from us stomping so hard playing that song.

CS: Where did the band name Forerunner come from?

MB: Well from what I was told coming into the band when it was forming was that it is from the video game HALO. Being a faith based band, we tell people Jesus was a forerunner and felt it stuck. But if you want the truth it technically came from HALO hahaha. Also, Joey came into the band shortly after Forerunner was established as the name and he drove a 4Runner which raised a lot more questions on the origin of the name.

Rebuilt by Fire

CS: What advice would you give to yourself if you were just starting out again?

MB: Oh man, definitely tell myself not to overthink things, like I mentioned earlier, which I do a lot. Other than that we probably should have jumped on a tour, play more shows out of state, just branch out, and most importantly to not let it become so professional; we weren’t having fun at the end of the first run.

CS: What prompted the revival of Forerunner after so long?

MB: I honestly don’t know what revived the band. Probably 50% stubbornness and 50% pride for not wanting to sit on all these songs from before and just never release them. We went through a couple different genre jumps in different bands, but metal is our comfort zone and when this new/old group got together it just made sense to revamp the unreleased tracks and pump out new stuff under the same name. Plus the name is pretty dope, so you can’t just NOT keep using it.



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