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Wesley Moore of The Worshiper in his “Dead to Sin” tee

Over the recent months, RSR has had the pleasure of getting to know the folks at Anticurse Apparel, a clothing company endorsed by both BoughtxBlood and The Worshiper. Artist rep Jon Lockett reached out and asked them to tell us a little about their brand and their mission.

We started this brand in early 2017 to explore ways of reaching people for Christ, and to encourage those who are out there doing just that. Using the gifts that God has given us, we want to glorify Him and connect with others in our own unique way. We believe in the preaching of the Gospel and we hope this brand will help that cause. Our prayer is that God will ultimately use this brand to reach non-believers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by encouraging believers to share their faith and to be encouraged by the message of hope Anticurse embodies.


The name Anticurse was meant to describe a picture of Jesus. Because of man’s original sin, we’re all born under the curse of sin and death. No one is able to meet God’s requirement of keeping perfectly His law. Jesus came and did this for us, fulfilling the law and becoming the ultimate sacrifice for our sin. He died on the cross for our sakes, and on the third day He rose from the dead. Jesus is the only antidote for the dire situation that all mankind finds himself born into (Galatians 3:10-14). Jesus is the only answer to this curse of death. Jesus is the Anticurse.


Our main tag line, “Three Spikes, One God, All Love” describes who Jesus is and what He did for us. What this means is that Jesus wasn’t just a good guy who came to show us how to be better people. Jesus actually went to the cross and died for us. Jesus is actually God. God is actually Love.


We are called to go and preach the Gospel and make disciples (Mark 16:15, Matthew 28:19). We hope that in some way this brand will help in bringing about conversations and opportunities to share the Gospel verbally with non believers and to encourage those that already do believe.


Please visit anticurseapparel.com for more info.
BoughtXBlood proudly repping Anticurse Apparel at Creation East 2017

Alumni Spotlight: Laura Rentz of Silversyde

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Today I got to speak with Laura Juliano-Rentz, lead singer of Silversyde. Originally from upstate New York, Silversyde released their debut album on Raging Storm Records in 2011. Transitioning from a regional band to a touring band, Silversyde attracted the attention of Christian radio, earning RSR our first charted singles on the Billboard Christian Rock charts. I wanted to learn a little bit about the label’s history, as well as catch up with this alumni band who is still touring relentlessly.
Jon Lockett: How did you first hear about RSR?
Laura Rentz: We first heard about Raging Storm Records in 2010 because of the tour/show scene we were in at the time. We were a regional band then and were just scratching the surface of who we would become in later years. It’s been so long now that I forget how the dialogue was opened, but it was and we got started on artist development.
JL: What impacts did RSR have on Silversyde? 
LR: I think Raging Storm Records had a bigger role in impacting who we are today than anyone else aside from our original manager- my late mother. When we started with RSR it was not easy to hear what needed to be fixed/done to improve our band, and I would venture to say that it was almost on the harsher end more than anything. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! (lol) I remember sitting down and reading through a list of critiques and being angry, insulted and down right hurt at the list of things that were apparently wrong- but I had two choices: one, stay insulted and not listen to the critiques or two, realize that I didn’t (still don’t) know everything about the industry and making music and that I needed outside help if we were to build something with longevity. So here we are, seven years later and I’m so glad that I was able to swallow my pride and take some advice- a quality I’ve put to use more times then not! 


JL: What is something interesting or different about the band that your fans may not know?
LR: Something different about our band that a lot of fans do not know is I’ve recently had my first child, a daughter and she started touring the country at 3 months old. What’s interesting about it is that I toured about 85% of my pregnancy and I was on stage during each trimester. It was hard, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
JL: Where all has the band toured and what is your favorite city to play in?
LR: The band has had multiple touring opportunities over the years and so far we have hit 48 states. Each of us has our own favorite city to play, but if I had to choose I’d say Salem, Oregon or Twin Falls, Idaho. You get amazing views of the countryside alongside hanging with some super cool people who love what we do!
JL: Where does the name Silversyde come from?
LR: The name “Silversyde” came from our desire to have our band name represent our dogma, which is ‘finding hope in the worst circumstances’, then, through some prayer and spit-balling it finally just came to us. 
Check the band out at www.silversyde.com and go say hey to them at a city near you as they embark on the second leg of their Beauty and Grace tour with Chaotic Resemblance and Theody!


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