Behind the Music – “14:30” with The Worshiper

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The Worshiper’s Nathaniel Steelman gives us a preview of the band’s upcoming single “14:30”.

Hey, my name is Nathaniel Steelman, I front the band ‘The Worshiper’. We recently wrapped up one our most intense and toughest studio sessions. It was a grind but it will definitely be the most rewarding session of our career. On January 9th we will be releasing our single, 14:30, our first song through our new family Raging Storm Records.

This song is the most biblical song to come from our platform thus far. That being said, it also weighs on my heart more than anything we have previously released. 14:30 is the story of Jesus walking on water. Peter stepping out to meet Jesus on the water. Peter being filled with fear and doubt after seeing the raging storm around him. (There may or may not be a pun somewhere in there.) This song deals with my personal struggle to have full faith in God when life is beating down on you with stress, anxiety, and hopelessness. It’s so easy to doubt God’s plan when you are focused on the storm and not Jesus’s hand reaching down to pull you above.

I remember prior to touring last summer, I was living in fear and focused far too much on my day to day struggles. I simply wasn’t giving the lord my heart and putting my faith in him. I remember the day we set off for our very first tour. I reached out and took hold of Jesus’s hand that had been waiting to pull me above the water I was sinking in. For the next couple of weeks it felt like I was walking on water with Jesus. It was so surreal. I am 100% sure Jesus was living with us in that van for over 2 weeks. Then when I returned home, I realized I could have been walking on water with Jesus this entire time, in my daily routine. It felt so good. It feels so good. Jesus is there waiting for you to reach out and trust him. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Every normal day becomes an adventure.

That is what this song is about. It is never too late and you’ll never sink so low that you cannot reach His hand.