Behind the Music – “14:30” with The Worshiper

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The Worshiper’s Nathaniel Steelman gives us a preview of the band’s upcoming single “14:30”.

Hey, my name is Nathaniel Steelman, I front the band ‘The Worshiper’. We recently wrapped up one our most intense and toughest studio sessions. It was a grind but it will definitely be the most rewarding session of our career. On January 9th we will be releasing our single, 14:30, our first song through our new family Raging Storm Records.

This song is the most biblical song to come from our platform thus far. That being said, it also weighs on my heart more than anything we have previously released. 14:30 is the story of Jesus walking on water. Peter stepping out to meet Jesus on the water. Peter being filled with fear and doubt after seeing the raging storm around him. (There may or may not be a pun somewhere in there.) This song deals with my personal struggle to have full faith in God when life is beating down on you with stress, anxiety, and hopelessness. It’s so easy to doubt God’s plan when you are focused on the storm and not Jesus’s hand reaching down to pull you above.

I remember prior to touring last summer, I was living in fear and focused far too much on my day to day struggles. I simply wasn’t giving the lord my heart and putting my faith in him. I remember the day we set off for our very first tour. I reached out and took hold of Jesus’s hand that had been waiting to pull me above the water I was sinking in. For the next couple of weeks it felt like I was walking on water with Jesus. It was so surreal. I am 100% sure Jesus was living with us in that van for over 2 weeks. Then when I returned home, I realized I could have been walking on water with Jesus this entire time, in my daily routine. It felt so good. It feels so good. Jesus is there waiting for you to reach out and trust him. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Every normal day becomes an adventure.

That is what this song is about. It is never too late and you’ll never sink so low that you cannot reach His hand.




Behind the Music – “Tear Down the Walls” from BoughtXBlood

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Alvin Triplett from BoughtXBlood eplains the inspiration from their song “Tear Down the Walls” off the Rebirth // Reanimate album.

I wrote the lyrics to TDTW after I turned on the TV and watched this group of people who call themselves a church, protesting and saying God hated (insert whatever sinner you can think of here). I saw opinions being stressed over sound doctrine. As an assistant to my father, who is a pastor, and also as an ordained minister myself, I continuously check myself to make sure I am preaching and teaching the truth. Jesus never built walls to keep people out.

I honestly believe that when Jesus said He would destroy this temple and rebuild it in three days, that not only was He speaking of himself but also that He would break down the barriers that kept us from being able to touch God the Father. That’s where “we can rebuild what we tear down today” came from in the chorus. If churches can get away from this easy “believeism” they have adopted as truth and get back to preaching the way Jesus intended, that we would see a mighty move of the spirit.

We need to tear down the walls of self and build the walls of safety only found in the arms of Jesus.

Raging Storm Records Signs Metal Band – The Worshiper

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Raging Storm Records Signs Metal Band – The Worshiper

Lynchburg, VA – Raging Storm Records is excited to announce The Worshiper as the latest addition to their growing artist roster. The North Carolina based band is putting the finishing touches on their latest single “14:30”, and plans to hit the road in the near future.

Combining influences of past heavy hitters like As I Lay Dying and For Today, with their own powerful breakdowns and sing-along choruses; The Worshiper creates relatable anthems for everyday life. Their faith is forefront in their music as they spread a message of hope and love. Bassist Chris Mersch, shares the bands excitement to be joining the label, stating: “In the short time we’ve been with them we’ve seen nothing but hard work and dedication towards making dreams a reality. Most importantly, we share the same love and passion for reaching people and the music scene with the gospel of Jesus.”

The Worshiper is the third band to sign with the newly re-launched Raging Storm Records and seems to be a great fit for the faith-based label. “The Worshiper is a breath of fresh air to the Christian metal scene. Their heart for God and others, alongside their amazing musical talent, will take them far in the industry,” says Raging Storm Records A&R Rep. Jon Lockett.

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Behind the Music: “To Whom It May Concern” from Atlas Rhoads

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Tim Riordan of Atlas Rhoads explains the inspiration behind their acoustic music video for the son “To Whom it May Concern.”

The Bride has dragged her veil through mud and smeared it across the face of her dearest, Jesus Christ. We are told, “LOVE. ABOVE ALL, LOVE.” But the world doesn’t see that, it sees the mud dripping from our veil.

“To Whom It May Concern” was originally written to a specific person, and rooted from a place of sadness and pain over the secular perception of the Christian Church. Why does Christianity have such a broken and distorted identity? Our true essence is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. But millions across our planet would say otherwise.

This song is an apology for my actions.. and for the global Church. It’s a screaming plea that the goodness and beauty of the Savior not be judged by His saved children. It’s a conversation with anyone who has experienced anything but love from those who claim Christ. We claim Christ in our brokenness and because of our muddiness. He sees it all, every bit of our sin, and pursues us still. But until glory and full restoration, we will fail to reflect the perfection of our pursuer. Forgive us.