Behind the Music – “Tear Down the Walls” from BoughtXBlood

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Alvin Triplett from BoughtXBlood eplains the inspiration from their song “Tear Down the Walls” off the Rebirth // Reanimate album.

I wrote the lyrics to TDTW after I turned on the TV and watched this group of people who call themselves a church, protesting and saying God hated (insert whatever sinner you can think of here). I saw opinions being stressed over sound doctrine. As an assistant to my father, who is a pastor, and also as an ordained minister myself, I continuously check myself to make sure I am preaching and teaching the truth. Jesus never built walls to keep people out.

I honestly believe that when Jesus said He would destroy this temple and rebuild it in three days, that not only was He speaking of himself but also that He would break down the barriers that kept us from being able to touch God the Father. That’s where “we can rebuild what we tear down today” came from in the chorus. If churches can get away from this easy “believeism” they have adopted as truth and get back to preaching the way Jesus intended, that we would see a mighty move of the spirit.

We need to tear down the walls of self and build the walls of safety only found in the arms of Jesus.

I’m Done from BoughtXBlood Now Available for Radio

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Radio stations that play heavy music can now get the latest single “I’m Done” from BoughtXBlood.

Song Background:

After spending time on the road playing with other Christian artists, the band found that there was something lacking in the industry: accountability. So many bands preached about God’s love, but no one said anything about being held accountable for their sins. When they felt the Lord leading them to address the problem, they could not stay quiet.

Inspired by the verse 2 Peter 1:10, which instructs us to make sure our calling and election is sure, and the previous verses that instruct us how to do that by increasing our knowledge and living Godly: the thought provoking, new single “I’m Done” was created.






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It’s time to forget everything that you’ve learned.
How long will this go on?
We say we’re fighting, yet these lies go on and on.
And how much hell must we go through?
We haven’t lost yet, but it’s up to me and you.
Run, run away from the appearance of evil.
Stand, stand on the word of God, and stop looking to men before they fail you.
For far too long I’ve stood silent in the shadows of those who seem greater.
But as I look I see them lead the lost down their own road of failure.
I’m standing boldly now.
Not the weak minded boy you ran over.
It’s not over yet. Cause knowledge is power and power will spread.
You’ve heard the truth and twist it up to make your life seem better.
Admit defeat, repent, believe.
Put off the old man and make everything new.
Well done thy good and faithful servant.
These are the words I want to hear.
I’m tired of all the lies that I keep hearing.
Until I hear Him say well done. I’m done.
I can’t believe that you have made it this far.
Your life reflects everything that you are.
With every chance you get you take it too far.
I’m done with it and everything that you are.
I’m done, done with it
I’m done, done with it
I’m done.
Well done they good and faithful servant.
These are the words I want to hear.
I’m tired of all the lies that I keep hearing.
Until I hear him say well done. I’m done.

BoughtXBlood Signs with Raging Storm Records

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Lynchburg, VA – Raging Storm Records proudly welcomes BoughtXBlood as its first new band in over five years. The signing follows a string of recent accomplishments for the band, including a tour stop on the HM Magazine Stage at Creation Fest 2017, an upcoming show with P.O.D. at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival Pre-Party, and the recent release of their new single “I’m Done”, a song that takes a tough stance against sin and shows just how much the bands faith impacts their music and their lives.

We are honored to have the chance to earn not only the business, but the friendship of a band like BoughtXBlood. These guys represent exactly what we want in a band: hard work, creative music, and a true desire to share their faith. It’s all too easy for bands in this genre to tone down their beliefs, but they stand firm. From the moment I heard BXB, I was not just entertained but convicted. The whole team at Raging Storm stands behind them and their message. We look forward to coming alongside this band and growing together.

BXB writes:

“BoughtXBlood is elated to sign with Raging Storm! We truly feel that God has led us to this point, as He has given, and taken away, in order that His will for BXB be accomplished. It is clear to us that RSR believes in The Message we are trying to convey. The label staff has been extremely helpful and supportive, which confirms for us that this will be a productive partnership that will grow us as a band, and a ministry, while furthering RSR’s efforts to expand the label. We are looking forward to greater opportunities than might have been available to us as a DIY band. The sky is the limit and we cannot wait to create more music and deeper relationships with everyone at Raging Storm Records!”

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