General contact email: ragingstormrecords [at] gmail [dot] com

Christian Band/Artist Submission

Before emailing, facebooking, tweeting, etc to tell us about your band, PLEASE follow a few simple tips and tricks:

Please respect your art enough to write more than “Hey, you should check out our band!”

Secondly, when writing a submission letter, don’t overdo it. If you claim to be “burning up the charts”, be expected to provide exactly what chart you are burning up!

Every single honest and polite submission WILL be listened to. Please realize that we cannot give feedback on each band we don’t select; to do so would be an unending task. If we are interested in your band, you will hear back from us.

For the benefit of all, here are some simple things RSR looks for in a band:

1 – The band is actively playing shows. Projects, hobbyists, and bands that play one show per month are not only difficult to promote, but generally speaking lack experience or growth in other areas.

2 – The band is active on social media, with an active (even if local) fan base.

3 – The music is good, especially if it has something to offer new to the genre.

4 – Your mission and vision align with ours.


Thanks for listening and God bless.