The Worshiper premiere’s their label debut single “14:30”

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Raging Storm Records kicks off the new year at full blast with the release of “14:30”, the label debut single from The Worshiper. Featuring Nolan Smith from the band Remove the Earth, the song is a narrative about maintaining faith amidst adversity.

The band uses their powerful breakdowns and sing-along choruses to portray the biblical story of Peter meeting Jesus on the sea, from Matthew 14:30. Faced with impossible odds, but within sight of Jesus, Peter cries out “Lord save me; a phrase featured heavily in the song’s lyrics.

“This song deals with my personal struggle to have full faith in God when life is beating down on you with stress, anxiety, and hopelessness” says Nathaniel Steelman, lead vocalist for The Worshiper. “It’s so easy to doubt God’s plan when you are focused on the storm and not Jesus’ hand reaching down to pull you above.”

Guest vocalist Nolan adds, “I’ve known the guys in The Worshiper for years now, basically since their formation and seeing them at their very first show. It’s been so amazing watching them develop into a more professional act over the last 2 and a half years. Not only are they talented, passionate, and driven musicians – but they are among the nicest and most genuine people that I’ve ever come in contact with. Working with them on this single was nothing short of the upmost honor and pleasure, and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.”

The single will be part of a full album expected to be released later this year. Keep an eye out for The Worshiper on the road this spring in support of their upcoming release.